Image of the Artists in Focus Fund homepage

Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York has launched a fundraising print sale to help raise funds in support of artists affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic that has wreaked economic havoc on untold millions around the world and among those who work in creative industries.

The Artists in Focus Fund offers a curated selection of 8-by-10 prints highlighting a decade of artists, including Tommy Kha, Ivan Forde, José Parlá, Allen Frame, Eileen Quinlan, Hannah Whitaker, Clifford Prince King, Pacifico Silano and Gillian Laub.

“Created as a call-to-action to mitigate some of the pandemic’s impact, The Artists In Focus Fund will generate immediate funds for Baxter St artists who have an urgent need for direct and additional support,” the fund says on its website. “The fund’s launch comes on the heels of the 10th anniversary of Baxter St’s prestigious artist-in-residence program.”

Prints are priced at $150 with free shipping and include framing options for an additional cost. The sale runs through 26 December.

An exclusive, limited edition portfolio includes work from all 76 artists participating in the effort. It is presented in a clamshell case on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Artist First Programming at Baxter St at CCNY, and it is priced at $10,000.

Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York is an artist-run arts organization and exhibition space that supports and activates the community of lens-based contemporary artists by offering workspace residencies, a dynamic program and talk series as well as memberships.

Founded in 1884, Baxter St is one of New York’s oldest artist-run nonprofit spaces fostering the development of emerging lens-based artists at critical moments of their careers.