Exhibit: Bedrooms of London at the Foundling Museum, London; 8 Feb 2019 through 5 May 2019.

An upcoming photography exhibit by Kate Wilson captures the utilitarian, cramped bedrooms of some of London’s children who live below the poverty line.

In one of more than 30 images from Bedrooms of London, a crib doubles as a temporary storage space. Another image shows a bassinet placed in the path between a bed and the bedroom door. Still another depicts a packable playpen sandwiched between two sleeping areas, a plastic high chair askew at the foot of a nearby bed.

“There is something very haunting about the images,” Foundling Museum Director Caro Howell tells The Guardian. “It is the absences, the absence of space for a child to walk in, or learn to walk in, or play in. The absence of toys, the absence of privacy. Because the people are not there, the environment is speaking for them, they are very haunting.”

The exhibit, which is presented in partnership with the Childhood Trust, a UK-based organization focusing on poverty, aims to highlight the plight of some 700,000 children in London living below the poverty line.