Tara Wray uses photographs from her new book to let others know that it’s OK to grapple with mental illness.

‘Too Tired for Sunshine’ by Tara Wray

“There were moments that I felt alone and isolated in a dark place, and I wondered if I would see the other side of it,” she tells NPR. “Photography has given me those moments back … I can now see them in a different light.”

The photographs Wray selected for Too Tired for Sunshine evoke a loneliness that resonates as familiar: A dog looking through a misty car window. An empty table in a deli with a view of a . A water slide askew on the shore of a frozen lake.

Wray — a Vermont-based photo editor of the literary journal Hobart  who has contributed to Vice, Bust and HuffPost — found the process of making photographs cathartic in itself.

“The act of sharing a photo — of being seen and understood by others — probably matters more than I would like to admit,” she says.

Response to the book prompted her to launch an Instagram account, @TooTiredProject, “to help those struggling with depression by offering a place for collective creative expression,” and asked people to tag their images #TooTiredProject.